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  • We have reached over 30 million people with campaign actions since October 2013. :: The media is interested in the Golden Rice story for multiple reasons, and have covered the campaign extensively, bringing new awarenes to policy-makers, scientists and the general public. During the course of campaigning we have understood that 80% of the public understands the issue in less than two minutes and is in favor of an exemption for Golden Rice on humanitarian grounds. The main obstacle to releasing Golden Rice for farming has been politicians who are listening to their voter's fears about GMOs. Once they understand the public supports this humanitarian use they will allow the regulators to proceed. That is why our campaign is focused and strategic, and why Golden Rice will be allowed to reach the children who need it.}How can the Golden Rice Now! Campaign make a difference?

Recent Media

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Main left-wing newspaper in Germany declares support for Golden Rice following Golden Rice Now press conference ...more

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Campaign Leader

Dr. Patrick Moore is a Phd ecologist, award-winning scientist, author and educator. He believes the opponents of Golden Rice have no evidence to justify a ban on researching and developing it, as it is a food that could end untold human suffering and the death of millions of people.
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Watch our full Campaign Presentation

The Golden Rice Now! presentation was recorded at the John Innes Centre at East Anglia University, UK. 15 minutes.